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Script Name Convert REF CURSOR to XML in 3 different ways; Description This script illustrates 3 ways to create XMLTYPE from a ref_cursor. It also illustrates, that it is impossible to affect the Formatting of date in XML after the cursor was opened regardless of the approach taken. Security Model: Execute is granted to PUBLIC : FI_HORIZONTAL: Count all frequent itemsets given a cursor for input data which is in 'HORIZONTAL' row format, support threshold, minimum itemset length, maximum itemset length, items to be included, items to be excluded.

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I have never used a ref-cursor before, I was recently faced with the dilemma where the only obvious solution available to me was to create the date in a PLSQL table via a stored procedure, insert the data to a temp table and then perform a query joining standard tables and the temp table.
Message-ID: [email protected]prod1> Subject: Exported From Confluence MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/related ... Mar 12, 2003 · An input collection parameter can be either a collection type (such as a VARRAY or a PL/SQL table) or a REF CURSOR. Data is said to be pipelined if it is consumed by a consumer (transformation) as soon as the producer (transformation) produces it, without being staged in tables or a cache before being input to the next transformation.

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[Oracle] PLSQL 쿼리추출 (0) 2015.01.09 [Oracle] 소스검색하기 (0) 2014.12.15 [Oracle] Out Ref Cursor 를 SQL 문에서 조회 (0) 2014.09.29: ORACLE BACKUP TABLE (0) 2013.08.13: 오라클 원격 덤프 (1) 2013.07.23: 쿼리 (0) 2013.05.10
where ref_type_name is a type specifier used in subsequent declarations of cursor variables and return_type must represent a record or a row in a database table. In the following example, you specify a return type that represents a row in the database table dept : A REF Cursor is a datatype that holds a cursor value in the same way that a VARCHAR2 variable will hold a string value. A REF Cursor can be opened on the server and passed to the client as a unit rather than fetching one row at a time. One can use a Ref Cursor as target of an assignment, and it can be passed as parameter to other program units.

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Demo Table With CLOB: CREATE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE t2 (x INT, y CLOB) ON COMMIT DELETE ROWS; Create REF CURSOR Type Use the REF CURSOR data type in 9i rather than this construct. CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE uw_type IS TYPE t_ref_cursor IS REF CURSOR; END uw_type; / Child Stored Procedure: CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE child (p_NumRecs IN PLS_INTEGER, presents introduction to PL/SQL Ref Cursors / Cursor Variable in Oracle Database by Manish Sharma ►►►LINKS◄◄◄ Blog: Previous Tutorial ►Database Cursor (Playlist): ► Record Datatype (Playlist): ►Make...We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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Jul 19, 2013 · OPEN p_out_cursor FOR select * from table ( cast ( v_table as type_table_ojbect ) );--doesn't work ---try with db defined types /* Here the open cursor works because I'm using the db type, but my dynamic sql does not work with the db type. */--next line produces (ORA-00932 inconsistent datatypes) on call to proc.
REF CURSORs are represented through the OracleRefCursor ODP.NET class. REF CURSORs have the following characteristics: A REF CURSOR refers to a memory address on the database. Therefore, the client must be connected to the database during the lifetime of the REF CURSOR in order to access it. A REF CURSOR involves an additional database round You have to use SYS_REFCURSOR in Oracle to return multiple recordsets. Below is the sample stored procedure which will return Id, Name from both Employee and Department p_First and p_Second are Ref Cursors which are used to return recordsets (read more on Ref Cursors in Oracle here — https...

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Sep 06, 2017 · The query used for the ref cursor is quite simple, it extracts 3 columns and uses just one parameter as a filter. In such case, if I wanted to test the query, I would probably take it outside and run it manually to perform my test.
May 27, 2013 · While developing Oracle PL/SQL code, sometimes one needs to debug via the old way, using DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE or inserting data into a table for a later inspection. But when working with cursors, this is not an easy task, specially if one does not know the real output of the cursor when using dynamic SQL or simply because the cost of writing a ... [Oracle] PLSQL 쿼리추출 (0) 2015.01.09 [Oracle] 소스검색하기 (0) 2014.12.15 [Oracle] Out Ref Cursor 를 SQL 문에서 조회 (0) 2014.09.29: ORACLE BACKUP TABLE (0) 2013.08.13: 오라클 원격 덤프 (1) 2013.07.23: 쿼리 (0) 2013.05.10

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Next a table type is defined using the previous object type as a rowtype. CREATE TYPE my_tab_type IS TABLE OF my_row_type; / Next we create a package to hold a REF CURSOR type. CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE types AS TYPE cursor_type IS REF CURSOR; END Types; / Next a procedure is defined to use the ref cursor and the table type.